Do you offer a summer program?2020-03-06T08:09:14-06:00

Yes. We will offer a summer program if enrollment minimums are met.

What is the deadline to apply?2020-03-06T08:09:02-06:00

The sooner you apply, the less enrollment costs. Early enrollment allows us to scale appropriately and reserve your workstation. Later enrollment means workstations may be filled and not available. There is no deadline past which we will not accept your application. Things happen, we are here for you.

What are your admission requirements?2020-03-06T08:50:53-06:00

Students in 4th through 12th grade who are currently enrolled in online curriculums. If you have not chosen an online curriculum yet, we can help you choose one.

How much is tuition?2020-03-06T08:08:37-06:00

Tuition is based on enrollment. Your child may attend three days a week or five or two. Your choice in days enrolled determines the cost of enrollment.

Do you have any open houses?2020-03-06T08:08:23-06:00

We do.

Do students need to be enrolled for a full year?2020-03-06T08:08:09-06:00

No. There are discounted rates for full-year and full semester enrollment. However, you can enroll your student for as little as one week.

How will my child make friends in a class so small?2020-03-06T08:07:39-06:00

The environment at Teleos Academy is joyful. Stress is reduced.  Happy kids make friends. It is natural and easy. When we are open and less stressed, we don’t need 4 thousand students to search out a person we enjoy. We enjoy the people around us.

How many students does each classroom take?2020-03-06T08:06:16-06:00

We limit classrooms to eight workstations.

Do you have any extracurricular activities?2020-03-06T08:05:56-06:00

Yes we do. Teleos Academy enjoys regular museum days. We also attend local events.

Do you follow the public school calendar?2020-03-06T08:05:34-06:00

Yes we do. Although we can potentially host students who are enrolled in different online public schools that may follow different calendars, in which case we accommodate the enrolled students.

What kind of parent participation do you expect?2020-03-06T08:05:20-06:00

The kind that means you are enjoying parenting. Parents are busy. Kids are busy. We believe your schedule is yours to set, not ours to demand. We appreciate parents who are engaged in their child’s education and enjoy the thrill of learning new things themselves.

Doesn’t my child need several hours of schooling five days a week?2020-03-06T08:05:07-06:00

Maybe? Children need several hours of learning every day of the week. Their minds are expanding, their thoughts are deep one moment and ranging broadly the next. They need stimulation and opportunity and encouragement. The form those things take is different for each child and may be different for that same child next week. Several hours of structured schooling five days a week may be right for your child this semester and next they may need three days of schooling and two days of community exploration, visiting museums, volunteering…the possibilities are endless. Teleos Academy gives you the opportunity to schedule structured class time based on your needs and your child’s, not based on attendance requirements.

What sets Teleos Academy apart?2020-03-06T08:04:48-06:00

Everything. A safe, secure, beautiful location. Small classes. Curriculums chosen by parents to best fit their academic ideals. An enthusiastic well trained staff encouraged by a new world of educational opportunities. High tech workstations designed to make engaging with online curriculums fun. Virtual Reality systems loaded with educational apps that let students explore the universe, or safely conduct chemical experiments. Teleos Academy is unique. 

What is The Teleos Academy?2020-03-06T08:04:32-06:00

Teleos Academy is an opportunity. As an education center providing a classroom environment on demand, Teleos Academy is an opportunity for students to thrive academically, and emotionally. 

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